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Will property prices crash in 2022 ?

So, you’re presuming pretty hard about buying or selling a home in 2022 and wondering how the housing market will look.

The housing markets are about as reliable as a weather forecast—no one can predict what may happen with 100% precision. But we can inspect what real estate professionals are articulating and make some guesses about the future.

Note that a forecast can only give you a brief idea of what to anticipate. Be it a decision to buy or sell. Never let it influence your housing decisions—only your circumstances and finances should do that!

With that said, let’s examine what the market is doing.


High Demand, Low Inventory

The last four months of 2021 saw home deals rise in September, October, and November. And even though sales dropped a little bit in December, they were still up from the previous years. There is also a high demand with low inventory, so buyers are still rising and inclined to enter the market.

Current Growth Is Not Sustainable, But a Crash Is Unlikely

Many investors who sold their properties in 2021 might not be happy to hear their expectations that the real estate bubble would pop & turn the tables in favor of the new buyer. The more likely scenario is that the market will cool, but only to a point, that is less scorching hot but still historically impressive in terms of price appreciation. And, it is also believed that the prices won’t fall.


The Market growth may see an upward trend for the next decade.

If you believe the experts, the market will see an upward trend for the next ten years. With more people moving towards the bustling cities searching for better career opportunities, the chances of home buying increase with more and more people jumping to the prospect of real estate investments.


So, what are your thoughts on the future of the real estate markets? Are you bullish or bearish on this trend? Do share this blog with your friends and family if they’re soon to enter this market.

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